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Men’s Mental Health

Mental health is an important topic in today’s society and men suffer from more mental health problems than we think. According to the Mental Health Foundation, 75% of all suicides recorded in 2017 were male (The Telegraph, 2017). Some reasons for this shocking statistic could be due societal expectations. Gender roles within the family and workplace may also contribute. It comes down to the history of men and women and what was traditionally expected of both genders. Historically, a man was expected to be the breadwinner in the family but the reality in households these days is often shared responsibility. It was also assumed that men should behave and feel in a certain way at all times. For example, it was seen as a weakness for a man to cry or be anything but strong and dependable.

An article published by Exercise Right explored the connection between men’s mental health and exercise, and why it is so important (Exercise Right, 2019). Firstly let’s look at the science behind exercising. When we exercise, our body releases endorphins, which in turn, leads to a lower perception of pain as these chemicals interact with the preceptors in your brain. Secondly, there is a major social aspect of exercise and sport that also contributes to a healthy and happy mind. Whether you enjoy playing a team sport, such as rugby, or if you find joy in running with friends it is a great way to build social connections and get off the sofa! Getting the ball rolling is the hardest part of the journey. This is why you should plan beforehand and commit to the challenge to get the most out of exercise.

The ChestShield is a brilliant garment to help overcome one of the problems men may have when exercising: nipple chafing. This can be a topic men find difficult to discuss, creating a vicious circle! The ChestShield has been created specifically for men, as, at time of writing, there is no other product like this, readily available on the market.

It’s made from a light, moisture-wicking fabric and designed to be unseen under sports tops or running vests. The garment has been used under a running vest in 10k races without being noticed.  However, footballers have been seen recently wearing a similar-looking garment on top of their sports shirts. Wear your ChestShield any way you like! The main aim is to get you comfortable being active.