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ChestShield compared to other brands of anti-chafing solutions

Why use a ChestShield rather than nipple covers / tape or anti-chafing gel? If either of these two solutions work for you, that’s great. However, in our experience, gel only lasts for 35 – 50 minutes when exercising and can seep through your clothing leaving ugly marks. With nipple tape, you have to apply every time but, more importantly, remove every time, meaning hair removal you might not have wanted!

The tried and tested ChestShield can be used, washed and used, again and again. It becomes a comfortable, essential part of your exercise kit that you don’t have to think about. The recent weather we’ve had has been the perfect opportunity to confirm yet again that ChestShield works a treat in preventing nipple chafing.

No pain, just gain!

Where there’s sweat, there’s friction…

What causes nipple chafing?

It’s no secret that nipple rub, vest rub, runners nipple or whatever you want to call it, is a real problem for many men.  Put simply to answer the question of  what causes nipple chafing is friction from the cloth of a loose shirt or a poorly fitting t-shirts, sport vests and sport tops causes discomfort, often causing chafing, cracks, and even bleeding.  In addition, inclement weather will add to the misery.  “What’s the solution?” you ask.

There are several nipple chafing products on the market.  They range from water-based  lubricants, sprays and balms to micropore surgical tape
, all with different success rates.

At ChestShield we’ve come up with a different solution to the dreaded nipple rub:  a compression crop-top for men.  Furthermore, the ChestShield has been rigorously tested over a prolonged period of time and is lightweight, soft and flexible.  In addition, it is made from a moisture wicking, technical fabric that allows your skin to stay protected. The ChestShield helps prevent irritation from sweat, wind and rain.

As well as helping prevent the dreaded nipple rub, it acts as a compression garment, giving men chest compression in the same way any compression sock, calf sleeve, arm sleeve or short does.  Another benefit to the ChestShield is that it reduces the likelihood of over-heating.

Of course, you don’t have to be a runner to benefit from wearing the ChestShield.  No matter what your sport, whether it’s football, rugby, basketball, squash or running, to mention a few, the ChestShield is the ultimate sports garment to avoid nipple rub.

Finally, the ChestShield has also been rigorously tested in the washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius.

Available in four different sizes from extra-small to large.